Crew Bios

Pallas Weber
Shane F. Kelly
Casey P. Chinn
Pete Droge

Pallas Weber: Director of Photography

Director of Photography: Pallas Weber's shooting experience includes music videos for Sub-Pop and several narrative short films. Catching Out was her first opportunity to shoot a feature documentary. After a back injury, Weber shifted her focus to editing. She currently works as an editor and assistant editor. She recently worked as an assistant editor on Michael Mann's Ali.

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Shane F. Kelly: Director of Photography

Director of Photography: Shane Kelly's recent credits include the television series Undressed and the indie features Urbania and Delivered. Kelly's prior experience includes shooting music documentaries for Mad Season performing Live at the Moore and for Pearl Jam on tour in South East Asia. He worked as a camera operator on the Neil Young documentary Year of the Horse, directed by Jim Jarmusch.

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Casey P. Chinn: Editor

Editor: Casey P. Chinn's editorial experience includes everything from music videos to concert DVD's, as well as numerous festival shorts. Although he has exquisite comic timing, he is in high demand as a documentary editor. He recently completed the pilot episode for a music-themed, comedy television series called, Red Boot Diares. He also wrote, directed, and edited the neo-noir short film Confidence which screened at the 1999 Seattle International Film Festival.

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Pete Droge: Music Composer

Music composer: Singer-Songwriter Pete Droge has released three major label albums. 1994's Necktie Second, 1996's Find a Door and 1998's Spacey and Shakin. His songs have been featured in several major motion pictures including Dumb and Dumber, Beautiful Girls and Outbreak. He can be seen singing his original composition 'Small Time Blues' in the Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Almost Famous. Pete Droge has also produced a handful of records including the solo debut from Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard that was recently released on Epic Records.

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