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"Catching Out" on VHS
"Catching Out" soundtrack
"Catching Out" artwork
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"Catching Out" on VHS

To order a VHS copy call Transit Media @ 800-343-5540
(DVD available here: Buy DVD)

"Catching Out" soundtrack

"Catching Out" composer, singer/songwriter Pete Droge, just released his 4th solo album SKYWATCHING, which includes the single "All Lit Up" from the "Catching Out" soundtrack. An alternate "acoustic" recording and a video (click here to watch) of the song appear on an enhanced bonus disc available for a limited time when you purchase SKYWATCHING from the United Musicians Store The video includes performance footage of Pete plus footage from "Catching Out." Visit for more info.

"Catching Out" artwork

Poster and Postcard by Chris Francis aka Shortstop.

the press: articles & reviews

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